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👍 100% OZONE-FREE AND CHEMICAL-FREE - Powered by 20 x Ultraviolet (UVC) LED, this UV Germicidal Lamp can disinfect and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed.


👍 FOR HOME, OFFICE, & TRAVEL - This UVC lamp emits a wavelength of 260-280nm and makes sterilization possible for different places and settings. It is best suitable for applications at home, and for traveling or commercial purposes.


UV Light Features:
- Unique dimming function that allows you to control the strength of the output
- Length is 375mm
- Includes hoop on one end for hanging 
- Strong magnet on the end of the handle so it can be attached to metal objects
- Charged with USB-C cable


How to operate:
Hold the lamp with the bulb facing down and away from the skin or eyes and then turn the switch on. Start sanitizing by holding the lamp as close as possible and no more than one-half inch above the surface of objects. Move it slowly side to side over a 12 inch area. Effectiveness depends on duration of exposure and intensity. Always turn the wand off after use.


The warranty of this UVC Sterilizing Lamp is 21 days. Replacement unit will be provided upon receipt of original item.

10W Rechargable UVC Germicidal Lamp USB | UV Lamp | Light Wand | UV Sterilizer